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Here are some tutorials gathered from the help you to continue to develop your tech skills.

Using Computer Technology for Teaching and Learning -modules you can try one at a time

Special Language Characters for Foreign Language

Web Teacher--help with all kinds of technology topics

Listservs and e-mail
Electronic Mailing Lists (Listservs)
Outlook 2000 for e-mail
Netiquette Home Page

Browsing & Searching the WWW
Seven Steps Toward Better Searching
Becoming a Power Searcher--a webquest
Finding it online--Web Search Strategies

Download RealPlayer Plug-in

Browser Tutorials--Internet Explorer and Netscape
Internet Explorer 5 Tutorial--menu options and download, if needed
Using Internet Explorer to View Web Pages Offline
Surfing the Web in Japanese with Internet Explorer

Test Your Net IQ
Fair Use Copyright Quiz

Microsoft Office Suite
some require Acrobat Reader--free download from   

MS Publisher 2000
Publisher 2000--Creating a Web Site
Six Steps for Web Design

PowerPoint 2000 Basics
PowerPoint 2000 Specialty: Animation
PowerPoint 2000 Specialty:  Templates
FAQ's about PowerPoint 2000

Word 2000 Basics
Word 2000 Specialty:  Document Design
Word 2000 Specialty:  Mail Merge

Other tutorials from Tufts 

Land Grant Training Online Tutorials

More Office Suite Tutorials
Other tutorials
Computer Tutorials for Teachers--includes digital camera, scanning
E-how tutorials--computers / applications
A potpourri of other tutorials
Actden tutorials
Using Inspiration (a graphic organizer) video or ppt

Education and Computer Newsletter

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