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roject E-connections II is a second round of technology integration training for foreign language teachers in Rhode Island.  It is a program funded by a grant from the Rhode Island Department of Education as part of the Working Wonders/ RITTI 2001 Teacher Network Support program of the Rhode Island Teachers and Technology Initiative. 

During the summer of 2000, 16 teachers were trained in the use and integration of technology, and the infrastructure for the program and future programs was built -- i.e., the listserv RIFLA-L for Rhode Island Foreign language teachers, the web page for foreign language resources, the RIFLA web site, and a bilingual listserv for students of Spanish.

This summer we will be training even more teachers for the pool of educators in this Teacher Network Support program to further the reach of our program and to help teachers devise new ways of approaching the teaching of foreign languages, using telecollaboration to connect among themselves and to connect their students.  The goal is to give students more authentic use of the languages they are studying and to meet Foreign Language Standards which are difficult to meet in the traditional classroom setting.

Welcome to the Project E-connections II support you will find some of the materials and resources you will need during our  training session and some which you may like to come back to in the months to come.

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